Monday, May 12, 2008

Note the above images: they are used by MI6/MI5 as programming devices for slaves. This Penguin collection of books 'GREAT LOVES' represents the frequency spectrum of the microchip implanted in all Illuminati slaves' pineal glands (and that means all of the UK government). I have also included a photograph of the back of the box set because each image represents another aspect of torture in the creation of a mind control slave. Work it out.
The images of three books serves the purpose of singling out the 'two wires' put up the nose of an Illuminati slave to 'numb' the pineal gland (the 'green and black image). This is done every 5 years to prevent the slaves from waking up to the horrific memories of abuse that they all share - having been programmed in the most horrific ways imaginable. If you spread the books out sequentially, beginning with 'Deviant Love' by Freud, you will see this pair of books in the middle - the worst secret of Royal Arch Freemasonry mind control programming. The other books are also in 'pairs' and represent the stages of programming leading up to this obscene scenario.
The 'two feathers' book represents a change from the desired Royal Arch scenario - it was an 'EVERYGREEN' future planned for the UK by the Sir Philip Greens of the cult but has now changed - guess why?