Thursday, April 3, 2008

(Please see below for the other 5 photographs and explanation - this is the last in the series.)

Also, please note the coded coloured segments - they form letters and an esoteric message which is multilayered.

Note also the image of the FF - 'flying fish' in Illuminati code i.e. in Victorian font - the SS. It appears in Flat 2.

The 'whale programmers' i.e. those run by Prince Charles, appear in Flat 4.

The 'tails' of fish, occur in Flat 1 and Flat 3. (The latter was the

'hangman's flat' - photographs were sent to Prince Philip.)

The scanned photographs are of the location of what is commonly known as 'Hangman's flat' where new recruits to MI6/MI5 were hanged from a beam and photographs taken of their subsequent erections. Recruits were told that Nelson had been tortured here - hence his damaged eye. If an Illuminati slave stepped out of line - the general procedure was to take them to Trafalgar Square, to see Nelson's Column, in order to have a little 'chat' about their general role in the Illuminati cult and their 'significance' to the cause. Blair and Brown know the routine, well enough.
There is a 6th image to complete the set but I can't upload it here.
This house was used as a programming centre - it is over a complex nexus of leylines. The esoteric purpose behind using this particular house was to raise consciousness i.e. the kundalini snake and then what can only be accurately described as 'chopping off its head' i.e. denying the slave further access to higher consciousness. Difficult to describe in only a few words because it also incorporated 'the needle through the eye' i.e. the partial removal of the pineal gland as well as DNA experimentation upon the 'two snakes' of the DNA.